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Our trade life, which had been for many years, turned into a desire to produce in 1979 and today we have become a global beverage company. With our third-generation operated company and our strong distributors in 47 countries, our goal is to deliver healthy and delicious products. We are supplying original flavors with the help of cutting-edge technology to reach millions of people around the world and we promise one thing; “We do not produce products that we will not consume ourselves!“. We are grateful to our team that has been succesfully managing this big operation which is starting with fresh productions everyday and also to our consumers who we owe to become a global company.
Senol family has been engaged in agriculture for many years and operated as a supplier of the leading olive oil and fruit juice companies in Turkey. In 2008, Abidin Senol who is the founder of our company , established “Ats Natural Products Food Ltd” to evaluate the potential of the region and take the traditional pomegranate sour as a local avor to reach the large masses. Currently, Ats Natural Foods is the fast growing independent manufacturer which produce mainly Pomegranate Sour Sauce, Vinegars,Ketchup , Mayonnaisse and Sesame Paste with it’s brands “Abidin Senol”, “Masterchef” and “Micotta” by using all natural ingredients and advance technology in its facility with 4000m2 closed area. ATS Food is also leader in Traditional Turkish Sauce market and has export more than 20 countries worldwide.
33 Mesrubat Ltd. Corp. , is a Tunc Mesrubat affiliate, that was incorporated in 1978 and has adopted the principles of one-to-one communication with the customer and not compromising from quality since then. Pamir, which is the first investment and trademark of 33 Mesrubat in the production industry, started its production life in 2011. Our Company, which produces the fermented carrot juice, which we produce with the principle of 100% Natural Taste as well as lemonade, pomegranate sour sauce and lemon sauce, has managed to become popular in the industry with Pamir trademark and has become a trademark that is looked for by the customers with its name. We, as the Pamir family, are aware that what have achieved so far is not sufficient. Our Company, which has increased its fermented carrot juice production capacity to 2.000.000 LT annually with the investments made, continues its productions at the indoor area of 2.000 m2 and the outdoor area of 3.100 m2 and with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificates as well as ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System certificates held, without compromising its principle of 100% Natural Taste. Our Company, which has established dealership structures in Tarsus, Adana, Mersin, Iskenderun, Antalya, Kadirli, Karapinar, Aksaray, Manisa, Isparta and Erzincan, aims to grow more in the beverage industry without compromising its quality with the new investments to be made and new varieties to be added to the product portfolio.
Doganay Gida has always made DOGANAY brand synonym of quality with the principles of service, honesty, quality respect and love in the sector. Therefore the product became a demanded product. Our activities started with various foodstuff by our father Hasan Doganay in 1960 and then our principled, honest, successful works continued with turnip juice in 1997. Started on 1300m2 closed area at Adana Haci Omer Sabanci Industry Zone with turnip juice Doganay brand became a well-known one in Turkey and in the world. Today we produce lemon sauce, lemonade (minted/sugarless), 100% grape vinegar, 100% apple vinegar, balsamic vinegar, 100% lemon juice, 100% pomegranate syrup, 50% pomegranate syrup sauce and 100% pomegranate syrup sauce along with turnip juice. In the last 15 years thanks to strong communication with customers, supplier and our staff, our efforts and workings made Doganay a requested brand. Our facility reached to 50.000m2 area with the latest technology and machineries without a break of our investments. Our production capacity reached to 350 million liter per year with cold storages, product warehouses, PET bottle manufacturing plants, steam units, pasteurisation units, compressor room, intelligent storage systems as well as farmlands in Konya-Eregli-Nigde-Ulukisla with "GOOD AGRICULTURE CERTIFICATE" of Ministry of Agriculture. Having 95% market share of turnip juice in Turkey we also have 35% market share in the world and export to over 30 countries. The importance we give to quality has been proved by FAO award, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, HACCP, TSE certificates and Good Agriculture Application inspection and certifications. We keep going with faith, determination and excitement by investing on these soils what we earn from them.
As Yakamoz we manufacture and supply vinegar, pomegranate syrup, lemon sauce, turnip juice, salgam, fermented carrot juice drinks, lemonades, grape vinegars, apple cider vinegars, cider vinegars, spicy turnip juices, vinegar, pickle, sauce, turnip juice, vinegar, grape vinegar, acid balsamic, balsamic vinegar, lemon vinegar, pomegranate vinegar, hot pepper sauce, garlic sauce, pomegranate syrup, ready pickle, pomegranate syrup, lemon sauce, sauce, pickle, turnip juice, salgam, carrot juice, fermented carrot juice, lemonade, grape vinegar, apple cider vinegar, cider vinegar, spicy turnip juice, vinegars, pickles, sauces, turnip juices, vinegars, grape vinegars, acid balsamics, balsamic vinegars, lemon vinegars, pomegranate vinegars, hot pepper sauces, garlic sauces, pomegranate syrups, ready pickles, pomegranate syrups, lemon sauces, sauces, pickles, turnip juices, salgams, carrot juices, fermented carrot juices, lemonades... Yakamoz Sirke was established in Bornova in 1996 by Suat KARALOGLU from Konya Beysehir. To reach his goal of presenting a Turkish brand and exporting his products to 7 continents he took the biggest step by moving to production facility in Manisa Turgutlu which is the current production facility. Our facility having high production capacity with cutting edge technology 5 filling machines and 3 big fermentors on 5.000m2 closed area of 21.000m2 runs up its targets of being the leador of the sector with its local and abroad sale network and valuable staff contributing to this target with devotion.